Adele Shows Off Her ‘Classy Twerk’ and Drives The Internet NUTS!

Adele Shows Off Her Classy Twerk And Powers The Internet On NUTS!

On Sunday, B. Scott shared a video of Adele that’s taking the internet by storm!

The “Rolling in the Deep” singer was recorded on stage singing while rolling her hips in the most stylish twerk imaginable.

Watch the video below!

WATCH Adele Giving Fans a ‘Cute But Polite TWERK’

Scott seemed to approve of the singer’s new dance move “Easy On Me.” She captioned the video, #IKTR, @adele.” IKTR is an abbreviation for “I Know That’s Right”.

“Adele is so stylish, but gives chill vibes,” agrees one fan.

“Legs and hips and boddaaaay 😂😂,” commented another fan.

“Adele can do no wrong “, said a third follower.

Adele's concert tickets go for a whopping $40,000 each in Las Vegas!

“Adele and her… AHEM lil Nice but polite TWERK,” wrote another.

“Subtle twerk?” asked another follower. Another fan called it a “muffled stealth twerk”.

“We accept this twerk because it’s Adele,” wrote another.

“I love it !!!” noted another fan. “She performs and gives the fans some entertainment, so what!!!”

Singer Adele's 'Stage Fright' Plays Part In Las Vegas Residency Cancellation?!

One fan wasn’t here at all for what one fan called a “sultry twerk.” They asked: “Is she trying too hard? We already accept her, big or small. Whether she gets that BBC or not. Whether she stops her concert 4x for fans who are hot or not. She certainly doesn’t have to twerk to black love. Stop it and be you boo. It’s so clumsy.”

“But when am I going to see this Vegas show @adele?” asked another.

Over the weekend, Adele headlined two festival shows at BST Hyde Park. Before that she said: BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs that it was “impossible” to continue its Las Vegas Residency at Caesars Palace earlier this year.

Adele calls backlash from postponing her residency ‘brutal’

Adele Pregnant With Boyfriend Rich Paul?!  'I want a baby next year'

As reported by Deadline, Adele’s concert series was set to begin on Friday, January 21, and last until mid-April. Although fans paid a lot of money for tickets, the concert never went ahead and no catch-up dates were announced.

In the interview with the BBC she said: “I felt absolutely everyone’s disappointment and I was devastated and I was afraid to let them down, and I thought I could put it together and make it work and I could not, and I support that decision.”

Adele at the BRIT Awards 2022

She called the response she received from fans “brutal,” especially given that some fans had already taken time off from work, paid to travel to Las Vegas, and only found out the concert had been canceled when they had already left. arrived. Adele said the backlash made her a “shell of a person for a few months.”

“You can’t buy me, you can’t buy me for nothing,” Adele said. “I’m not just going to do a show because I have to or because people are being abandoned or because we’re going to lose a lot of money. I’m like, ‘The show isn’t good enough.’”

Adele Pregnant With Boyfriend Rich Paul?!  'I want a baby next year'

According to Deadline, the sets for the show have been tossed out and the venue moved with other performers, so it’s unclear when Adele’s “postponed” tour dates will actually take place.

“I’m not going to update you if I don’t have anything to update you because that will only lead to more disappointment,” Adele said, although there are still conflicting reports as to why the concert has been cancelled.

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Twitter / JamesInLasVegas

Initially, the singer blamed “Set Fire to the Rain” for the COVID-19 pandemic, saying: “Half of my crew, half of my team have COVID – they still are – and it was impossible. to finish the show.” Later, reports revealed clashes between Adele and the production team over a 60-piece choir and a pond from which she was supposed to rise from the stage.

While she may never perform in Las Vegas, for fans who have seen her perform in London, her canceled residency is simply “Water Under the Bridge.”

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