MedicaEx Launches B2B Medical Device Marketplace

Taiwan-based operates a “one-stop online marketplace” to connect buyers and sellers of medical devices and medical equipment. announced

The company said it found that nearly all companies that make B2B purchases of medical devices use online resources, with a third using email newsletters.

“Our platform is proving to be a phenomenal time saver for everyone involved,” said Luke Yang, chief executive of MedicaEx, in a prepared statement. “MedicaEx showcases exceptional medical equipment and technology from around the world. The platform is easy to use and a great way for companies to get exposure for their products.”

Medicaid states that its features include online and offline channels, live exchanges, ways to showcase products, press release publishing tools, and search engine optimization tools.

“If you’re a manufacturer, our platform is the best way to showcase your products,” Yang said. “And if you’re a distributor, you can contact a retailer to get access to the products you need. You can also publish your research or news on our blog.”

MedicaEx says it has more than 20,000 subscribers, 30 companies involved in medical exhibits, and total exposure to more than 100,000 individuals who work in medicine.

According to the MedcaEx website, the company offers participants a Basic plan that starts at $1,880 per year and a Premium plan whose price is not listed on the site.

MedicaEx also provides guidance for companies on their activities in the medical devices and equipment sectors through its website. For example, a recent message on the website states: “the sector is gradually waking up to the importance of digital marketing methods” and gives tips for different forms of digital marketing.

In related news, Rishi Nayyarco-founder and CEO of digital health information company PocketHealthexplained how the medical sector is digitizing medical records and images to help move healthcare online.

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