neeaj: Neeraj Chopra wins internet as video emerges of him touching elderly man’s feet

India is a diverse country with family life and family values, and respecting the elderly is a symbol of good upbringing. These core values ​​are deeply ingrained in Indian society and play a central role in the lives of many people, regardless of nationality. Neeraj Chopra, the Olympic gold medalist from India, is in the spotlight for many reasons. One of the reasons he is getting acclaim from all over the internet is because of his humble gesture when meeting some fans.

A video recently surfaced on Twitter in which the Javelin star can be seen meeting his fans, including some seniors. The video shows Neeraj say hello to everyone and take pictures with fans. In a hurry as a car was waiting to pick him up, he shakes hands with fans and finally touches an elderly man’s feet, showing respect for the senior.

The video stormed the internet in no time, with thousands of likes on Twitter. The internet praises the humility of the 24-year-old athlete, some call him sober, others call him the true representative of India and bless him.

The star Spearthrower recently took part in the world famous Stockholm Diamond League, an annual elite athletic competition of selected fourteen best invited athletes. Neeraj Chopra has broken his national record in the competition by finishing second.

Neeraj took a silver medal in the competition and broke his own record by one meter, with his throw of 89.94 meters. He missed the top position by a whisker to world champion Anderson Peters as the latter scored a 90.31 meter throw in the third round.

Chopra participated in the 2018 commonwealth games and the 2018 Asian Games. He served as flag bearer in the Asian Games and won gold medals in both games. Continue as a debutant at the 2020 Tokyo Olympicshe brought gold medal to the country on August 7, 2021. He made history with a throw of 87.58 meters in his second attempt.

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