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This week marks two years since Owen McGee returned to Donegal. He had worked in construction in the UK for nearly ten years, but when he returned with his young family, he felt it was time for a change.

Owen wanted more job security, and seeing that many tech companies are hiring in Letterkenny, he decided to break new ground in the computer science field.

He signed up for a Diploma for IT Users (NFQ Level 4) at Donegal ETB’s Continuing Education and Training Service in Letterkenny.

Within a year he got a job with Zeus in Letterkenny and now he has been in his new role for two months.

Owen said: “I have no doubt that I would not have been able to negotiate this job without the experience I had gained at the FET Centre, Letterkenny.

“My teacher, Patricia McLaughlin and career guidance counselor Mairead McFadden were a huge help in preparing me for my interview. When I was offered the job, the goodwill I received from all the staff at the FET Center was very heartwarming.”

Owen chose to study IT because he knew that computing is one of the most important requirements in today’s job market. He didn’t have much experience in IT yet, because he had only completed a very basic course in 2012.

“After almost 15 years of no training, I found the first few weeks quite tough, but after navigating the initial rustiness, my time at the FET Center was a fantastic experience,” he said.

Students earn a wide variety of certificates from this course, including Computerized Accounting Software, Data Protection (ICDL), Spreadsheets (ICDL), IT Security (ICDL), and Desktop Publishing Software.

Owen and his classmates at the Donegal Education Training Board, (ETB), the new Continuing Education (FET) Building on Port Road, Letterkenny. Photo -Clive Wasson

“We covered a lot, but it never felt like it was rushed. I think you have a different attitude when you come back to education and you want to learn,” Owen said.

“The topics we studied were very interesting using Microsoft Office software and learning the skills employers are looking for new recruits in the workplace.

“We studied ICDL, which is recognized by employers worldwide.

“This course was ideal for me to gain skills because it also suited my personal life so well and we were able to do blended learning, which was very flexible.”

Donegal Education Training Board (ETB) new Continuing Education (FET) Building on Port Road, Letterkenny. Photo -Clive Wasson

Owen studied at the new Letterkenny FET center on Havenweg, which he says has a great atmosphere. “My classmates were always nice to be around. I feel like they have all helped me to achieve my goals,” he said.

“My teacher Patricia was very good and Mairead McFadden left no stone unturned in career counseling,” he said.

In fact, Owen had such a good experience that his partner Louise Harkin will start the same program in September!

Owen’s new role at Zeus has many benefits, he said. “The big one is an alternation of working indoors and outdoors. There is a good degree of security in this work, compared to when you are self-employed. It’s a great job and it’s close to home. There are many good benefits,” he says.

The Diploma for IT users (NFQ level 4) and a Level 5 course are now open for applications in September 2022 – click on the links to apply online.

Information on the wide range of FET courses available from Donegal ETB this fall can be found on their Course Finder website

https://www.donegaletb.ie/further-education-training/course-finder/) or contact their adult counseling and information service for help and advice by calling 074 91 78088, emailing [email protected] or filling out this web form https://www.donegaletb.ie/further-education-training/adult-guidance/.

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