Thales will hire 11,000 people worldwide, including 4,000 in France, to drive the following disruptive innovations

  • After hiring 9,000 people worldwide in 2021, Thales is stepping up its recruitment strategy and plans to hire more than 11,000 people and create 3,000 internal mobility opportunities within the Group.
  • In France, Thales employs 4,000 people on permanent or temporary contracts and 2,500 young people on apprenticeships and apprenticeships, which are an important part of the Group’s training and talent acquisition strategy. All 46 Thales sites in seven regions of France – Nouvelle Aquitaine, Île-de-France, Center Val-de-Loire, Grand Ouest, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, Rhône-Alpes and Occitanie – are involved in this recruitment drive.
  • The Group is mainly looking for software engineers, system engineers, experts in digital technologies – including cybersecurity (1,000 people), artificial intelligence and big data – and project managers.

Thales was recently rated the second most attractive company among engineering students in France in the Universum rankings and is raising its hiring targets in 2022 with plans to hire 11,000 new people worldwide

internationalThales almost adds 4,500 people, mainly in the United Kingdom (650) and continental Europe (1200, excluding France), as well as Asia (630), Australia (300), the Middle East and Africa (240), North America (700) and South America (160). Internal mobility opportunities will provide an additional 3,000 vacancies, and nearly 600 apprenticeships and apprenticeships will be available to young people.

At the 46 locations in FranceThales is recruiting 4,000 people on permanent or temporary contracts and 2,500 young people with an internship or apprenticeship contract, and the creation of 2,500 internal mobility opportunities.

Worldwide, Thales is mainly looking for software engineers, system architects, cybersecurity engineers, data analysts, experts in artificial intelligenceand project managersgiving them the opportunity to help build a safer, greener and more inclusive world.

A diverse and inspiring work environment for continuous skills development and rewarding career paths

Thales is a major player in aerospace, defense and security, and digital identity and security, relying on 81,000 employees in 68 countries. The Group offers a wide range of vacancies in France and around the world and strives to develop their expertise and create exciting long-term career paths.

Thales’ common core of technologies – including artificial intelligence, connectivity, cybersecurity and quantum technologies – is significantly enhanced skills development and internal mobility opportunities within the Group. For example, over the course of his career, a Thales employee could work on green aviation projects in the south of France, defense systems in Australia and the latest satellite architectures in Italy. Most Thales projects have a strong international dimension.

Joining Thales means being part of a network of 30,000 engineers and subject matter experts, including Nobel laureates† The Group has a portfolio of 22,000 patents and five dedicated research labs around the world, investing €4 billion annually in research and development.

Thales is dedicated to skill development to help young people achieve their career aspirations. With nearly 2,500 traineeships and apprenticeships in France this year, these types of contracts continue to help the Group recruit future talent.

Jobs that make a difference in everyone’s everyday life

Thales technologies play a crucial role in the development of our societies. For example, the Group offers its people the opportunity to:

  • Make the world safer through its defense and security activities, where stability is an essential condition for sustainable development
  • Protecting the environment by building satellites that allow governments and institutional partners to measure the effects of climate change and take appropriate action
  • To make the world more inclusive thanks to identity management systems (ID cards, passports, etc.), which allow governments to issue official identities to their citizens, giving them access to education, public services and employment.

Thales recently presented a detailed plan to step up its environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments during the first Investor Day dedicated to these issues.

Equal opportunity and diversity to support individual and collective growth and development

Thales is committed to creating a modern and appropriate work environment, in particular through a growing number of diversity and inclusion initiatives:

  • that of Thales Insert mission organization supports the integration of people with disabilities, and 41 of the 46 Thales sites in France are now labeled ‘disability friendly’.
  • Through the Elles Bougent project more than 400 female Thales mentors promote technical career opportunities for female students.
  • Workers can help underprivileged young people with their professional integration through the Article 1 and close proximity programs.
  • Thales has joined the LGBT+ charter initiated by L’Autre Cercle to combat all forms of discrimination related to sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Employees can also submit community projects to the Thales Solidarity charitable fund to support education and professional integration, digital citizenship or environmental protection.

“Recruiting new talent is part of Thales’ belief in the power of innovation and technological advancement to build a safer, greener and more inclusive world. Joining the Thales Group is being part of a team and working in areas that have a major impact on society. That could mean helping defend national sovereignty and making the world a safer place, finding new ways to protect the environment, providing a secure digital identity for all, or bridging the digital divide by giving remote populations access to modern communications services.” Clément de Villepin, Senior Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Thales Group

Candidates interested in vacancies at Thales can find out more and Register online at or through the Groups LinkedIn account.

About Thales

Thales (Euronext Paris: HO) is a global leader in advanced technologies, investing in digital and ‘deep tech’ innovations – connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and quantum computing – to build a confident future that is crucial for the development of our societies. The company provides solutions, services and products that help its customers — businesses, organizations and states — in the defense, aerospace, aerospace, transportation and digital identity and security markets fulfill their mission-critical missions by putting people first. in decision-making. make process.

Thales counts on 81,000 employees in 68 countries. In 2021, the Group generated a turnover of €16.2 billion.

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