TSMC Japan 3DIC R&D Center Completes Cleanroom Construction

These technologies, according to a press release, will enable system-level innovations to improve computing performance and integrate more functionality, opening a new path to advance semiconductor technology, in addition to the industry’s conventional path to reduce transistor size.

With the completion of the cleanroom, TSMC Japan 3DIC R&D Center will support research and development of state-of-the-art 3D IC packaging material in cooperation with Japanese partners, domestic research institutes and universities that have strengths in semiconductor materials and equipment.

Starting with our foundry business model, TSMC has always believed that by focusing on what we do best, each of us in the semiconductor field can maximize our contribution to advancing technology, said Dr. CC Wei, CEO of TSMC, in the press release. The Japan 3DIC R&D Center is a perfect example of this collaboration in action. By bringing TSMC together with the Japanese talent, we will enable each other to make breakthroughs together.

Today’s chips have tens of billions of transistors on a single chip. With advanced packaging and 3D IC technology, we can pack hundreds of billions of transistors into a single package and deliver a new level of computing power, said Dr. Marvin Liao, Vice President of Advanced Packaging Technology and Service, TSMC, in the press release. It’s exciting to think about all the innovations that are possible with this level of computing power. In collaboration with our partners in the Japan 3DIC R&D Center, we will develop the technologies that help realize these capabilities.

We are witnessing an increase in structural demand, driven by the megatrends of 5G and high-performance computing-related applications, and further technological innovation will be needed to meet this demand,” said Yutaka Emoto, Vice President and Center General Manager of the TSMC Japan 3DIC. R&D Center, in the press release. Japan has many companies with functional materials and key technologies that are important in the global semiconductor supply chain, and TSMC will continue to work on innovation of semiconductor processes through joint research and development with them. At the same time, we can serve as a bridge between our partners in the 3DIC R&D Center and the world-class semiconductor companies among TSMC’s customers.

TSMC established its subsidiary for Japan’s 3DIC R&D Center in March 2021 and later began construction of a cleanroom facility at AIST’s Tsukuba Center.

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