Steam Next Fest Best VR Demos

Best new VR demos to try out

The latest edition of Steam Next Fest is now live, bringing with it some demos for upcoming PC VR games.

Steam Festivals are designed to highlight what’s coming to the platform in the near future with a series of playable demos. VR has always been a part of the event’s offerings and this iteration is no different. Here are some of the headline titles you can play until June 20th.

Steam Next Fest 2022: Best New VR Demos

New VR Shooters and Action Games on Steam Next Fest

There are a handful of promising action games on display this week. They include the physics-driven Fight against talent, which offers melee-based combat, similar to Blade & Sorcery. Arcadia’s expected co-op zombie survival game, Request VR, also gets a demo. With these, you can craft weapons from household items and then slice through undead hordes together. Then there’s Stalker-esque Paradox of hope† Could this perhaps dethrone Into The Radius in this niche genre? I also have no idea what Chaos on a rainbow actually is, but maybe that’s why it’s called.

New VR Racing Games on Steam Next Fest

There’s a surprising number of new racing games to try out this time around, and some of them look pretty good. On the sporty side of things, you should definitely give Kayak VR: Mirage a look. It’s visually stunning and the compelling controls remind you what great VR is all about. Fast down looks promising too; it’s a downhill mountain bike game that we haven’t seen in VR before. The Flashout Series also returns with VR support, which will make you feel sick in seconds.

Other VR Highlights at Steam Next Fest

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the playable demo for the increasingly exciting VR JRPG, RuinsMaguswhich we played on Quest 2 and which we really love. Just upstream, meanwhile, looks like a mix of Firewatch and, uh, Frogger? It is a story-driven VR platformer with a dreamy forest environment where you swing your tongue through areas. Quite an elevator pitch. Cute Lemmings-esque puzzle game Tin Hearts also has a new demo. It’s technically a shooter, but given the arcade focus, we’re also calling the tightly produced BlockStar VR here. Oh and, it’s not in VR, but the flat screen version of The last worker is available to play and is also coming to Quest 2, so it’s a good chance for an early look.

Those are our picks for the best VR demos for Steam Next Fest! What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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