Bizarre Woolworths vegetarian display leaves the internet baffled – but can you see why?

A photo of the broccoli display on one Woolworths supermarket leaves social media users scratching their heads.

A Woolies shopper shared an image of the unusual face on Reddit, showing how the popular vegetable was arranged in their local store.

“What the hell is this Woolworths broccoli display?” the Reddit user wrote next to the image.

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The photo shows the individual broccoli heads placed in individual holes in the wall.

The display is usually reserved for different types of lettuce usually available at Woolworths.

but given the current lettuce shortage in some Woolworths stores nationallyseems the staff have decided to use it to display broccoli instead.

The broccoli display in a Woolworths store left many shaking their heads. Credit: reddit

Despite the explanation, the site left many social media users amused — some suggested it reminded them of the popular arcade game “Whack-A-Hole”.

“It’s a broc, you have to hit the broccoli and then it retreats into its little hole,” suggested one Reddit user.

“Get the whole lot and win a fantastic prize (a lettuce).”

Added another: “If they run out of flowers on Valentine’s Day, will they throw some broccoli in the floral display/section instead?”

A third wrote: “Smack in some peppers and play Connect 4.”

Another said, ‘It’s expensive now. Guarantees its own high-rise accommodation.”

‘You have to make it look chic’

Another said, “If you’re asking $7.90 a pound for broccoli, you’ve got to make it look fancy.” understands that Woolworths store teams may occasionally move products to different locations in their stores.

It is believed that this has no added benefit, it is just another way of displaying fresh produce.

Another Woolworths employee offered this insight on Reddit.

“I work at Woolies,” the paper wrote. “Usually this is where the Oakleaf lettuce variety is stored, but lately there has been a major shortage of lettuce.

“So for fear that the store will look empty (and a lack of a supervisor) your freshmen have replaced the broccoli with lettuce! We urgently need a raise. Seriously.”

In recent weeks, some supermarket customers have come under fire for removing the stems from broccoli to reduce weight. Credit: TikTok

Others used the mail as an opportunity to beg shoppers to stop damaging broccoli in stores.

In recent weeks, grocery store workers have reported customers seeing broccoli stems removed to reduce the vegetable’s weight and cost.

“Side note, for the people who break off broccoli stems, stop doing that. Grate it and put spaghetti in it,” said one Reddit user.

Another wrote: “Our local Woolies are now putting the broccoli in sealed plastic bags because the number of people are breaking the stems and throwing them away.”

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