Canon announces new high-end range of wireless digital radiography devices that contribute to advanced X-ray control and noise-reduced image generation using AI

TOKYO, July 5, 2022—Canon Inc. today announced its launch, in markets outside of Japan1of the CXDI-Elite Series Wireless Digital Radiography (DR2) devices, including the CXDI-720C wireless sensor unit.

The CXDI-Elite sensor unit CXDI-720C Wireless (left: front / right: rear)

The CXDI-Elite sensor unit
CXDI-720C Wireless (Left: Front / Right: Rear)

Example of the device used

Example of the device used

In recent years, there has been a growing need for DR devices that offer ease of use in a variety of imaging scenarios as well as higher image quality to support greater diagnostic accuracy. In addition, as such technology continues to evolve, there is a concerted effort to minimize patient radiation dose.

To meet such needs of a wide range of customers, Canon has launched two new series of devices under the CXDI brand of DR devices: the CXDI-Pro series, which offers enhanced basic functionality and ease of use, and the CXDI-Elite series. series that offers even better performance and functionality. The new CXDI-720C Wireless half-cassette unit realizes excellent basic functionality and delivers both high sensitivity and high image quality, as well as built-in support for X-ray dose monitoring, helping medical professionals in their diagnostic work.

The CXDI-Elite series is Canon’s first digital X-ray imaging system to use built-in AEC Assistance3 technology designed for general X-ray imaging. With this patented technology, the device’s X-ray image sensor uses identical elements that are simultaneously capable of performing either image generation or real-time detection of the pixel value corresponding to transmitted X-rays, alerting the X-ray generator when the pixel value reaches a preset value . By providing such feedback, the technology helps enable greater control over X-ray dosing.

The new range also uses Canon’s Intelligent NR4 image processing technology, which reduces signal noise compared to conventional processing technologies, reducing unnecessary noise and graininess while maintaining the level of signal strength needed for imaging.

  • 1The start date of the sale varies by country/region. For more information, please contact Canon:
  • 2DR systems use a scintillator that converts X-rays into visible light, and a flat-panel sensor to use the light to generate a digital image.
  • 3Available as an optional purchase. For more information, please refer to: the press release of 25 March 2021.
  • 4CXDI Control Software (version 3.10 and later) available as an optional purchase. Intelligent NR uses AI technology in the design stage of signal noise reduction processing. The product itself does not learn with AI from acquired images. For more information, please refer to: the press release of March 23, 2022.

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