ESO High Isle: Unlock Isobel

Isobel is one of the two companions who have arrived in ESO as part of high island extension. The aspiring knight is adept at melee combat, making her a great sidekick for just about any type of playstyle. Getting Isobel in isn’t that hard either – here’s what you need to know about unlocking Isobel, raising Rapport, and everything in between.

Find the Tournament of the Heart Quest

To unlock Isobel as a companion in ESO, you must complete the Tournament of the Heart questline. It’s a pretty simple quest – the most challenging part is figuring out where to start. Please also note that this content is only available to players who have the high island extension.

This is what you need to achieve to find and complete the mission.

Step 1: Go to Castle Navire. This is located in the south western part of the High Isle and is easily accessible via the Castle Navire Wayshrine.

Step 2: Once there, check your compass for a quest indicator that will guide you outside the castle gates. Here you will find Isobel Veloise.

Step 3: Talk to Isobel to start the Tournament of the Heart Quest.

Step 4: To complete the quest, you have to complete three different tasks. These can be completed in any order, although they all follow the standard ESO format. That is, follow your quest indicator, defeat all the monsters you encounter and collect the required items. These items include the Redheart sword’s hilt, Captain Brenvale’s gilded lute, and a staff of the Oaken Order. There are no challenging bosses or tricky puzzles to overcome, so players of all skill levels should be able to complete the quest with ease.

Step 5: Once you’ve completed all three tasks, you’ll be treated to a bit of dialogue (and a poem) before Isobel decides to join your party.

How to summon Isobel

ESO veterans have probably learned how to navigate the menus and summon companions, but newbies may need a quick overview. Here’s what you need to know about summoning Isobel (or any companions for that matter), along with how to change gear or get assigned skills.

Step 1: To call up Isobel, open the Main menu and find the Collections tab.

Step 2: Choose the allies menu.

Step 3: Select Companionsand then select isobel to summon them.

Step 4: To change Isobel’s gear or assigned skills, just talk to them to bring up a dialog menu.

Step 5: Select from here accompanying menu† This opens a new menu that gives you the option to change your companion’s gear and slots. You can also give them a new look with unlocked cosmetic options.

Isobel Veloise talking to the player in ESO.

Who is Isobel?

Isobel Veloise is a Breton who offers Templar-like abilities. She can perform skills that are both tank and DPS related, making her a versatile companion to have by your side during combat. If your personal build prefers remote gameplay, consider picking up Isobel to pull aggro and keep enemies at bay.

Isobel has rather traditional beliefs for an aspiring knight, making it quite easy to say what kind of actions will raise (or lower) your Rapport. For example, if you enter a Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary or kill an innocent NPC, you will lose Rapport, while killing a World Boss, completing a Bolgrul mine daily, or accepting a duplicate request will result in a Rapport obtained. There are plenty of other ways to influence your Rapport, so be sure to keep an eye on how Isobel reacts as you explore High Isle and Tamriel.

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