Jamf Introduces New Content Filtering Solution for Education Providers

Jamf has announced the launch of Jamf Safe Internet, a new offering that aims to provide students with a secure online experience while providing better management options for administrators.

The company says its comprehensive content filtering solution is optimized for education and integrated with Jamf’s management and security platform, giving administrators better control and preventing students and users from being exposed to malicious content.

Students are spending more and more time online learning, and Apple is at the forefront of many digital learning initiatives. This has led to a growing need for digital security to prevent students from accessing insecure content and to eliminate cyber-attacks.

By integrating filtering technology and network threat prevention features currently available to commercial customers through Jamf’s security solutions, Jamf Safe Internet is the only Apple-first, education-focused cybersecurity solution focused on student online safety. Jamf Safe Internet also takes a different approach to student privacy by applying the principles of prevention over inspection.

“With technology firmly entrenched in the student experience, there is a growing need for digital security to eliminate cyber-attacks and prevent students from accessing insecure content,” said Suraj Mohandas, Jamf’s senior director of education strategy.

“Jamf combines best-in-class network threat prevention and a comprehensive content filtering database to block unsafe and malicious content, so students can learn online safely from anywhere.”

Features of the new development include:

One-click content control

With Jamf Safe Internet, educators and IT administrators can customize and create the level of content control that suits each classroom, preventing harmful content from reaching student devices. This protection is made possible by Jamf’s content filtering and network threat prevention technologies.

New and streamlined console

A brand new and streamlined management console with workflows is purpose-built for schools. With the addition of integration with Jamf School, this makes deployment and ongoing synchronization easier and more intuitive across the platform and works with devices that students, teachers, and parents are already familiar with. There is also integration with Jamf Pro for education customers who currently use Jamf Pro for device management.

An ongoing commitment to protecting privacy

Jamf’s privacy-friendly approach aims to create safer online learning environments for students of all ages, while still providing schools with enough information to guide students on the Internet. Jamf says it is committed to complying with all applicable privacy rules and has signed the Student Privacy Pledge as a commitment to protect the information of students, parents and teachers in schools.

Jamf services are currently available worldwide and the company has offices in APAC and EMEA.

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