KPUB organizes local weatherization event |

Finding ways to reduce energy use and utility bills and ways to improve the home to make it warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months were the focus of a Saturday workshop at the Doyle Community Center.

“I want help keeping my house warmer in the winter,” said contestant Carrie Woodard. “And I hope to get help with other necessary home repairs as well.”

Woodard and others in attendance completed applications for the Winterization Assistance Program through the Alamo Area Council of Governments, which provides grants to homeowners to help upgrade their homes.

Sonya Sarrell, who lives in a house built by the local Habitat for Humanity program in West Davis, said she wanted to learn more about using weatherstripping in her home and hoped to qualify for help getting new ones. window screens for her home which was built in 1996.

Kerrville Public Utility Board and AACOG have joined forces to present the training to homeowners in the Doyle area and others who attended the event.

“We worked with the Doyle Community Center to discuss energy efficiency, home energy conservation tips, and financing available through AACOG’s Weatherization Assistance Program,” said Mike Wittler, general manager and CEO of KPUB.

Participants were given free weatherization kits containing weatherstripping, sealant and other items related to home improvement by JoAnn Riley of KPUB, KPUB Summer Intern.

“The Doyle area has a lot of older homes,” Wittler said, “and they could use some help, so we decided this was a good neighborhood for this presentation.”

Wittler said AACOG has a lot of grant money available to homeowners and that KPUB supported homeowners to provide information about how to use the AACOG resources.

For more information about the AACOG Weatherization Program, please visit: [email protected]

“We normally do this presentation once a year in Kerrville,” Wittler said. “So this will probably be the only chance this year.”

KPUB representatives also attended to answer questions about KPUB’s competitive discount program for higher-efficiency air conditioners, windows, attic insulation and other energy-saving practices.

For more information about the KPUB program, visit www.kpub. com.

“We look forward to more opportunities to bring other programs like these to the Doyle community in the future,” said BK Gamble, executive director of the DCC.

Other groups or organizations that may be interested in making similar presentations at Doyle CC may contact Gamble at (830) 257-4446 or at

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