Monster Hunter Rise: How to start the Sunbreak DLC

Sharpen your knives and fill your potions, hunters, because there’s a new batch of creatures just waiting to be tracked, fought and harvested for their sweet, sweet parts. Monster Hunter Rise was already a game packed with potentially hundreds of hours of content for those who really wanted to get the most out of the game’s hunting craft loop, and yet the new Sunbreak expansion has come and given us even more.

Unlike a lot of DLC, Sunbreak isn’t something you can access separately from the main menu in Monster Hunter Rise† Instead, this new content is all integrated into the main game, which makes it a seamless integration, but also leads to some confusion about how to actually get to the new content. While it’s not as esoteric and hidden as some of the other DLCs (we’re looking at you Artorious of the Abyss for dark souls), you’ll need to meet some requirements before you can see all the new content you’ve paid for. Here’s exactly what you need to do to access the new Sunbreak content in Monster Hunter Rise

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How to start the Sunbreak DLC

Sunbreak isn’t meant to be something new fighters can jump right into when it’s their first boot up Monster Hunter Rise† Instead, this DLC is meant to essentially fit in close to the endgame, at least in terms of the story for the base game. This is exactly what you need to do to get to the new DLC content.

Step 1: Continue through the main story until you complete the seven-star Hub Quest titled Serpent Goddess of Thunder. This quest is basically the final boss of the main game’s story and lets you track down and fight the Thunder Serpent Narwa.

If you want to do this as quickly as possible, keep in mind that you only need to complete Hub Quests to get to this point, and no Village Quests are required. You’ll also have access to high-level gear that can make those early hunts a breeze.

Step 2: Once you complete that Hub Quest, look for a new NPC on the bridge at the entrance to Kamura Village.

Step 3: Rondine, the NPC, will give you a request to hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur in the Shrine Ruins.

Step 4: Accept and complete this hunt to meet Fiorayne back in the village. They will ask you to accompany them to Elgado Outpost.

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Step 5: After a few tutorial-style tasks to complete, you’ll be free to enjoy the new region and all the deadly monsters in it!

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