Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro model on wooden floor

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro review

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is a beast of an ab roller, and while it won’t fit discreetly into your gym bag, it’s a brilliant piece of core carving kit that’s guaranteed to make your abs ache.

Key details

– Product comes in three parts

– Includes knee pads

– Thicker than other ab rollers

– High-tech internal coil

– Dimensions: 15-⅕” / 7-¾” / 7-¾”

– Weighs 4.5 pounds

– Max user weight is 300lb

The ab carver rolls in a premium price range nearly three times the cost of its competitors, but it’s brilliantly designed and perfect for home use, which is why it’s rated as one of the best ab roller options. Perfect Fitness has put versatility at the heart of this roller, by building a carbon steel spring into the wheel for extra resistance when rolling out and extra help when rolling back.

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