SatSure Launches Subsidiary KaleidEO to Solve Upstream Industry Challenges

The launch was announced at SatSure’s inaugural event hosted at its new office, Prestige Loka, Bengaluru. The event saw participation from leaders including Mr S Somanath – Chairman, ISRO/Secretary DOS; and dr. BN Suresh – Chancellor, IIST/Honorary Distinguished Professor, ISRO among other senior industry leaders.

KaleidEO’s direct focus will be on building high-resolution optical payloads that will be integrated on four commercially purchased satellites and have a diverse array of sensors in the coming future. The products include raw images, processed data, and insights from the payload’s EDGE processing unit, which hosts SatSure’s proprietary AI/ML algorithms.

“KaleidEO’s satellite fleet system requirements are closely linked to SatSure’s existing products and customer requirements, so there will be no doubt that the data generated will be ready and usable for analysis. We plan to launch four satellites those nearly 1-meter spatial resolution images by the end of 2024,” said Akash Yalagach, CTO at KaleidEO.

Arpan SahooCOO at KaleidEO added: “SatSure believes that access to information should be at the crossroads of reduced service time and fair pricing that close the business case it addresses. Via KaleidEO, India would have its first fleet of high-resolution optical payloads that would bridge the gap between supply and demand.”

The government has now opened up the space technology sector to private players in India with the aim of increasing indias contribution to the global space technology market. Earlier in June, at the inauguration of the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center (IN-SPACe), Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modic said the launch is like a ‘Watch this space’ moment for indias space industry. The organization will support private space players to accelerate innovation and growth in the space sector.

“We are all aware of remote sensing data and how it is used by the government, but turning it into a business is quite an achievement. I would like to congratulate SatSure for convincing users and investors of your work and decision intelligence available.Building satellites and owning your own data will be very crucial to SatSure but make sure you do the proper due diligence.We wish you all the best in the future and ISRO is always here to help you where possible. We are excited to see SatSure grow into a true deep tech company,” said Mr S Somanath – Chairman, ISRO / Secretary DOS.

“While creating our SatSure SKIES portfolio, we have ensured that vertical integration does not stand alone. We have diligently captured the needs and feelings of our customers and business partners. KaleidEO is the result of upstream requirements defined by what we need to achieve analytics at scale and deliver products that help businesses make better, faster decisions.Through KaleidEO, we will add a diverse sensor and built-in processing capabilities to generate insights that truly leverage fusion at the pixel, feature, and decision level ,” said Prateep Basufounder and CEO of SatSure.

About SatSure

SatSure offers three key decision intelligence products:

a) SatSure Sparta: a platform for providing agricultural and climate-related insights;
b) SatSure Sage: lifecycle risk monitoring and business intelligence product suite for agricultural banking;
cSatSure Skies: Satellite image-based utility and product package for high-resolution infrastructure change detection.



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