AI man becomes users’ new favorite dance partner

TikTok users can’t get enough of the app’s “Horace” filter, which shows a little insect-eyed cartoon man who loves to dance. Each video shared with Horace shows him performing his smoothest dance moves and seems to move to the beat of the song the user chooses.

Horace’s unusual and distinct appearance is endearing to TikTokers† The last #Horace TikTok Trend involves using the AI ​​filter as a dance partner to act out silly scenarios – mostly for the song “Feel No Ways” by Drake

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TikToker @fionamichelle__ shared this video to portray a scene where she dances in a bar, comparing Horace to men who won’t leave her alone after allowing her to buy her drinks

“I don’t even want the drink anymore,” she wrote in the caption.

“And they dance at that height as well,” noted a TikToker.

TikTok user posted another viral video with the AI ​​filter† The caption reads: “My cousin and I, when we were little, performed the dance we choreographed for our mothers so they would let us have a sleepover.”

“Omg I thought me and my cousin were the only ones doing this! Never an original experience,” wrote one.

“You synced that up so well,” said another, admiring TikToker’s dedication to learning Horace’s dance.

Who is Horace and how was he made?

According to Insider, a 23-year-old artist, Jackson Quinn Gray, created Horace through a 3D modeling application. Gray told Insider that the inspiration for Horace was an elderly man who modeled for his sculpture lessons. He first made the AI ​​filter for facebook and Instagramin the hope that more people would be able to interact with his artworks.

After testing the filter on facebook and InstagramGray saw that many found humor in Horace’s mannerisms by setting his dances to music. Unfortunately, the fun was short-lived, as Facebook removed the filter from its platforms in the spring of 2020 because the cartoon man’s lack of clothing violated its content policy.

Gray posted his statement on Facebook’s removal of Horace on his Instagram

“Horace is a simple and pure character – he represents fun, lightness and joy. He just wants to live and have fun, and his removal on the grounds of nudity is not only disappointing, but also extremely stern,” Gray wrote. I don’t think it happened, but I’m sorry it happened.”

The beginning of “Horacetok”

Gray immediately tried to revive Horace’s social media presence to combat censorship. Shortly after Facebook removed the Horace filter, Gray added clothing to his body and provided the character with a new backstory protesting the leaders of the company

In April 2022, Gray announced that the Horace filter would come to TikTok. Gray’s followers were ecstatic about the “Horacetok” news.

“HORACE” STANS UNITE,” said one Instagram user.

The #Horace TikTok trend continues

While Horace may have had a rough start, TikTokers are giving him a new lease of life and a legacy in the short video app. TikTok creators are fulfilling Gray’s vision for Horace to represent life and fun, while continuing to use his presence in lighthearted memes and wholesome videos.

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