Anumana Announces Issuance of New American Medical Association CPT® Category III Codes for New ECG AI Analysis of Cardiac Dysfunction

Breakthrough codes will ease the use, adoption and path for potential reimbursement of AI-enhanced ECG-based algorithms, including Anumana’s pipeline of AI-enhanced ECG-based algorithms

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts, July 06, 2022BUSINESS WIREAnumana, AI-powered health technology company nference, Inc.announced today that the American Medical Association (AMA) has: issued new industry first Category III Current procedural terminology (CPT) codes for new AI risk assessment algorithms based on algorithmic electrocardiograms for cardiac dysfunction, which include Anumana’s pipeline of AI-enhanced ECG-based algorithms currently under development for FDA approval.

This groundbreaking approval is an important milestone for AI in cardiology, recognizing Anumana’s AI-enhanced ECG-based algorithms as innovative technology necessitating the creation of a new procedure category. CPT Category III codes are designed to facilitate the use, adoption and potential reimbursement of emerging technologies. The newly approved AMA CPT Category III codes were: published on July 1, 2022 and will take effect on January 1, 2023.

“We are pleased that the American Medical Association has approved our application for a new category of CPT codes for our AI-enhanced ECG algorithm pipeline,” said David McMullin, Chief Business Officer at Anumana. “The new AMA codes mark an important milestone for Anumana, validating the potential impact of our innovative technology and setting a path for widespread adoption and reimbursement.”

Anumana’s robust pipeline of new algorithms has been validated by more than 50 peer-reviewed publications, and are currently under development as medical devices. Received Anumana’s Algorithm for Pulmonary Hypertension FDA Breakthrough Device Designation earlier this year, and the low ejection fraction algorithm received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation in 2019 and Emergency Use Authorization for COVID-19 in 2020.

About Anumana

Anumana, an AI-driven health technology company and a portfolio company of nference and Mayo Clinic Platform, uses leading-edge AI and translational science to decode the electrocardiogram like never before — as a profound predictive tool and biomarker of disease — empowering healthcare providers to help patients help early. Anumana algorithms are developed, trained and validated using clinical data from Mayo Clinic and undergoing rigorous clinical trial validation. Anumana is developing AI-enabled ECG algorithms for use by physicians in the real world, integrating point-of-care applications into existing workflows, reducing costs and improving quality of life. Anumana’s AI-enabled tools can diagnose hidden conditions earlier than ever. Anumana’s algorithms are research medical devices and have not yet received regulatory approval or approval. For more information visit and follow Anumana on LinkedInTwitter

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