BioCorRX Inc. Discusses BICX104 Human Trials and 2B3D Metaverse Partnership with The Stock Day Podcast

Phoenix, Arizona–(Newsfile Corp. – July 6, 2022) – The Stock Day Podcast welcomed BioCorRx Inc. (OTCQB: BICX) (“the Company”), an addiction treatment solutions company that offers a unique approach to treating substance use and other related conditions. The company’s CEO and CFO, Lourdes Felix, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Copley began the interview with questions about the company’s background and current projects. “BioCorRx is a hybrid of healthcare and biotechnology,” explains Felix. “We have a number of programs, including one for substance use disorders and alcoholism, as well as a weight loss program that we developed and launched three years ago,” she continued. “We also have our R&D division, our subsidiary BioCorRx Pharmaceuticals, where we get our lead product pipeline, BICX104, through regulatory authorities.”

Copley then asked about the approval process for BICX104. “We started the regulatory process for BICX104 in February 2019,” said Felix. “We successfully completed the preclinical trial phase in Q1 2021 and then submitted our IND to FDA in Q1 2021, which was approved in May 2022,” she said. “This has enabled us to move to the next phase that we are currently in, which is human trials.”

“Is there anything new going on with the company’s Beat Addiction Recovery program, including new potential partnerships?” Copley asked. Felix took an in-depth look at (VR) virtual reality and its use for effective mental health assessments and treatments within a virtual world created by a physician. “We’ve partnered with a company called 2B3D, and they’ve created a Metaverse platform that provides the ability to seek out mental health treatments in a gamified or virtual reality world.”

“Their goal is to be able to help our veterans,” Felix continued. “We all know that many of our veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD),” she said. “This technology allows our veterans to connect with mental health professionals through a personalized online interaction,” explains Felix. “This is going to be something that can be accessed anywhere in the world, so it’s really groundbreaking.”

Felix then went on to discuss the company’s unique Beat Addiction Recovery program, which combines medication and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). “We will have many aspects of the CBT that will be incorporated into the Metaverse platform that 2B3D created,” she shared.

“How has the momentum for BioCorRX changed since the start of the pandemic?” Copley wondered. “2022 has been significantly different from the past two years,” said Felix, adding that the company is delighted to finally be able to travel and attend conferences in person again. “I think that shift is really good and something we’re looking forward to.”

To conclude the interview, Felix encouraged listeners and shareholders to stay informed about the company’s current and future projects, and to contact: [email protected]

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BioCorRx Inc. (OTCQB: BICX) is an addiction treatment solutions company that offers a unique approach to treating substance use and other related conditions. Beat Addiction Recovery is a substance use disorder recovery program that typically includes BioCorRx’s proprietary Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) modules, along with peer support via a mobile app, along with medication prescribed in its sole discretion by an independent attending physician. The UnCraveRx® weight loss program is also a drug-assisted weight loss program that provides access to concierge on-demand wellness specialists: nutritionists, fitness experts, and personal support from behavioral experts; visit for more information about UnCraveRx®. The company also controls BioCorRx Pharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage drug development subsidiary that is currently seeking FDA approval for BICX104, an implantable naltrexone pellet for the treatment of alcohol and opioid disorders. For more information about BICX and the pipeline of its subsidiaries, please visit:

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