CHANCE Association donates virtual reality masks to LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital

The pediatric ward of LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital has received two virtual reality devices from the CHANCE (CHildren AgaiNst CancEr) Association.

dr. Roula Farah, CHANCE Association President and Founder, handed over the devices to LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital, Chief of Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Maroun Matar, and Chief of Department of Anesthesiology, Dr. Vanda Abi Raad.

This event was attended by Mr. Sami Rizk, CEO of LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital, Dr. Hanane Barakat, CMO of LAUMC-RH and members of the CHANCE Association Committee, Ms Hadia Abdel Massih, Ms Nathalie Azar and Mr Selim Tohme.

During the transfer of VR devices, Dr. Roula Farah on:“With the ongoing economic crisis, Lebanon is witnessing a severe shortage of medicines, and some patients cannot even afford the rising prices of basic treatments.

The VR devices can be an excellent distraction for children and possibly an alternative to some painkillers that are unavailable or out of reach. In addition to standard analgesia, VR technology has been shown to reduce pain intensity as well as annoyance and time spent thinking about and trying to manage the pain.”

Mr. Sami Rizk praised the great efforts of the CHANCE team to support the hospital’s pediatric patients over the years, mainly children with chronic diseases, and always striving to make a positive impact despite the difficult times in the Lebanese health sector.


About CHANCE Association

CHANCE (CHILDREN AGAINST CANCER) Association is a Lebanese NGO (non-denominational, non-sectarian) whose mission is to help children with cancer and blood disorders in Lebanon. Founded in 2005 (license number 52/AD), the organization helps young patients receive the necessary treatment and helps cover the costs associated with their treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, drugs, lab work, imaging and other therapy-related care) when families do not have the financial means to do so. Children with cancer have a high cure rate and CHANCE believes that financial problems should never be an obstacle to successful treatment. Since 2005, they have helped 800 children in their battle against cancer. CHANCE Association is officially registered in both Lebanon and Switzerland as a non-profit organization. They are also an associate member of Childhood Cancer International (CCI).

CHANCE Association actively supports 120 children in their cancer treatment in 9 hospitals in Lebanon. This includes treatment, therapies, lab work, imaging, and medication.

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