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Circuit Stream: XR Learning Hub for AR/VR Developers and Designers

As we move into a new internet age, appreciation for expanded reality continues to grow. Features are becoming available and both young people and adults are becoming more and more interested in the immersive world that AR/VR brings. Bridging the gap between passion and opportunity is all it takes to thrive in the XR industry.

Education as an engine for growth

Immersive technology has yet to reach the mainstream market, but investments in the broad XR industry are already expected to have a market value of more than $250 billion by 2028. It is clear that people expect immersive experiences on a daily basis, but to accelerate the adoption of AR/VR, the technologies need to be better understood. So, how can AR/VR technologies be better understood?

To close the gap, Circuit Stream brings out top quality educational content that can help pave the way for future XR designers and developers.

Pioneering XR education through courses, webinars and workshops

Circuit Stream sets the bar for XR education. The XR industry is relatively new and experts are still learning about it themselves. In light of this, Circuit Stream communicates the team’s knowledge, experience and opportunities as educational material, through various webinars, workshopsand online courses

The importance of AR/VR is becoming increasingly apparent as information technology, software development, business and entertainment increasingly adopt computers. According to the company, since 2015, when the platform was launched, more than 25,000 XR design and development professionals have enrolled and earned their certification at Circuit Stream.

Circuit Stream - AR/VR Development Courses

Such a milestone in scaling appreciation for XR design and development intrigued even the universities. Circuit Stream partnered with renowned universities such as the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto and Syracuse University to increase students’ appreciation of XR design and development. These partnerships run the standard Circuit Stream curriculum in addition to the all-new course offerings.

Circuit Stream offers a diverse library of resources for anyone to brush up on and master AR/VR. Webinars and workshops guide students through the processes of an XR project, from conceptualization to launch.

XR Development with Unity: a 10-week course

This one 10-week course is a beginner-friendly introduction to the basics of developing augmented reality and virtual reality with various applications. Unity, a popular game engine, is the primary development platform where students will build their projects. The course is project based and tests students’ understanding as an XR application.

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Many fear that the learning curve in designing and developing XR is steep. Navigating development platforms with prior programming knowledge is a plus, but most applications support a drag-and-drop interface to help non-developers. Nevertheless, programming is an excellent skill that will surely accelerate your growth in XR development. No coding or design experience is required to qualify and pass this course.

The course includes synchronous, asynchronous and 1-on-1 sessions to accommodate each student’s learning pace and style. A Unity-certified instructor guides and assists students in honing AR/VR development skills and building a project portfolio.

AR/VR success through the Unity Bootcamp

Circuit Stream joined forces with Unity for the Unity Boot Camp† This 24-week live bootcamp is the foundation for a profitable career in AR/VR development and 3D development.

3D development is on the rise as metaverse expands and the game industry races to offer next-generation consoles and cross-platform support. The demand for real-time 3D development skills is driving a 601% increase, putting it on the list as the most in-demand skill and premium salaries. That said, this bootcamp equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to become experienced 3D developers.

Connection with the best companies

Extended reality as a mainstream product is a work in progress, but the multi-billion dollar industry is always looking for competent designers and developers. Circuit Stream graduates land successful jobs at leading companies such as Unity, IBM and Coursera.

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For the past 7 years, Circuit Stream has provided a growing library of learning resources and a growing ecosystem of AR/VR companies. It has a partner management system to help students find ideal job opportunities. From time to time, companies tap Circuit Stream for hiring help and recommendations.

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