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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MISSOURI (WSIL) — Dancing with the Show Me Stars takes place on July 30. That means the entire morning team will be in Cape Girardeau the day before the event.

Filled with tangos and music, the event raises money for the Community Partnership of Southeast Missouri, which serves 11 counties.

They have a dozen programs to support youth, single parents, and seniors. However, the largest program of the group is housing and housing assistance.

One person who uses these services is Nathan Donini. The 28-year-old is from Arlington, Texas, but wonders from place to place.

He is currently in Cape Girardeau with no real home.

Instead, he comes to the Neighborhub at the Community Partnership of Southeast Missouri.

“The shower and everything is what’s the word,” he says. “It’s pretty essential that you know what I mean.”

According to the group’s executive director, Dr. Melissa Stickel, about 12 to 18 people in Cape Girardeau are chronically homeless, while 90 to 100 people are homeless every day.

“There are several ways to measure or count people who are homeless based on their individual experience,” she explains. “How often, how long, is this temporary, is this situational.”

To help, the nonprofit offers various types of housing assistance, such as money for those in arrears, mortgage, or utilities.

There is also housing for low-income residents in Liberty Apartments with 40 units.

“It’s always full,” Stickel says. “It’s going great, we’ve been working on that project for two years.”

Right around the corner from Liberty Apartments is Lindenwood Senior Apartments which is being renovated. It gives 67 seniors a safe place with plans for even more.

“Next year, we should be ready to break ground in a village on the south side, which are basically single-family and terraced houses built specifically for home ownership.”

Stickle says housing stability is a priority at the Community Partnership of Southeast Missouri.

“It’s very hard to maintain work, stay sober, and maintain your mental health when you’re in survival mode,” she adds.

And, of course, the Community Partnership of Southeast Missouri has the neighbor hub. This acts as a cooling or heating center, depending on the season, as well as daily services such as showers, laundry facilities and food.

It also connects visitors to the group’s more permanent housing options and other programs. Something Donini says he could explore, such as help with his education.

“Cybersecurity,” he jokes. “Especially because I hear that there is a big winning team there.”

Each week prior to Dancing with the Show me Stars, News 3 highlights a different program at the Community Partnership of Southeast Missouri.

For more information about the group, click here

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