Despite inaccuracies, new state broadband maps provide the best picture yet of nationwide internet problems

TOMPKINS COUNTY, NY—The key to closing the digital divide that affects communities without access to high-speed Internet has been an accurate view of the broadband service gaps.

The ConnectALL Office in New York in June released what they called an address-level broadband map for the state. It is one of the first major actions of the new office, which was established to renew the state’s efforts in addressing broadband access problems.

ConnectALL’s new digital tool is ambitious in its scope, seeking to specify which addresses are served by which ISPs, the technology companies use to provide service, and the pricing for that service. The maps aren’t perfect, but they are in-depth, interactive and allow users to update the information presented in them, making it a living resource for individuals as well as local and state governments to refine.

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