Dog’s reaction to being told on Pet Cam has internet in hysteria

Most dog owners agree that pet cameras are a great invention. Not only useful for keeping your furry friend safe when he’s home alone, pet cameras can also help you solve mysteries (like why is my dog head wet?) or catch bad behaviour in the act.

A greyhound got the fright of his life when his owner gave him a bounce through the animal camera. Spotted on camera destroying his bed, the dog’s hilarious response sparked TikTok users.

In a clamp shared by user @arlo_the_iggy on June 2, Arlo can be seen tearing his bed to shreds for the camera.

“Oh dear!” his owner can be heard yelling through the microphone, to which the pup jumps up in shock before staring straight into the camera, mouth still full of stuffing. His startled expression and raised ears only make the scene more hilarious.

Dog's hilarious reaction to being caught on Petcam
A stock photo of a greyhound sleeping on a dog bed with his legs in the air. Arlo was caught on an animal camera tearing his bed to shreds, much to the delight of the internet.
Rhys Leonard/iStock/Getty Images Plus

“He was digging up his bed and then Dad yelled at him into the camera! His response is priceless!” @arlo_the_iggy wrote alongside the post, which has received nearly 500,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments since sharing.

According to research from consultancy Emergen, the pet camera market is projected to reach $525.8 million by 2028, with an estimated growth rate of 23.4 percent per year. One in five U.S. households adopted a pet during the pandemic, which has also led to a surge in purchased pet cameras.

With many remote workers returning to the office, pet cameras provide an inexpensive solution for owners concerned about leaving their pets behind. Cameras with one-way video functionality were the most popular purchase. These cameras are usually linked to a pet owner’s phone and can conduct live audio or video calls. However, there is also a demand for more expensive options with additional add-ons, such as treat dispensers.

TikTokers couldn’t get enough of Arlo’s reaction when he was caught off guard, with user Joanne Ingham calling the clip “too funny.”

†[The] the way he was staring straight into the camera,” Buckyeyez said.

“The ear does!” wrote Rebekah.

“He was shaken up,” said 2Cool4School123abc.

Others believed that Arlo was set up.

“I’m his lawyer and HE IS INNOCENT!” said Lindsey Cagley.

SandieAndBigPaws agreed, writing, “Clearly the pup is innocent. This video evidence is circumstantial! He was looking for the culprit (in the stuffing!).”

Arlo isn’t the only animal to be beaten by a pet camera. Biscuit the toy poodle was recently caught on camera chewing on her owner’s sneakers while a cat caught hacking into a candy machine had the internet down.

news week reached out to @arlo_the_iggy for comment.

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