Governor Abbott asked for head of Uvalde victim center to be removed

A letter requesting the removal of the head of the Uvalde Together Resiliency Center was sent to Gov. Abbott sent.

UVALDE, Texas – A letter has been sent to Texas Government Greg Abbott‘s office asks him for the person in charge of the ? Uvalde victim support center established after the devastating Mass shooting that killed 21 people

The letter was written by Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin and Texas Senator Roland Gutierrez. They said numerous complaints have been made about the Uvalde Together Resiliency Center, including failure to provide necessary resources to the families of the victims.

“Over the past month, we have heard numerous disturbing reports from our constituents about the UTRC and the District Attorney’s Office, including the failure to provide victims’ compensation funds to those in need in a timely manner,” the letter said. “A family from Uvalde threatened to have the power cut to their house while they were praying and caring for their daughter in the hospital. Other families have received meager benefits for only two weeks’ wages. This is simply insufficient. “

Read the full letter in the tweet below:

District Attorney Christina Mitchell Busbee was selected to oversee the center.

McLaughlin and Gutierrez ask Abbott to replace Busbee with the Texas Department of Emergency Management, which Gutierrez said is a more qualified organization to provide necessary services to the community.

A week after the Robb Elementary School shooting, the governor’s public safety agency made an initial $5 million investment to establish the long-term Uvalde Together Resiliency Center, which will serve as a hub for services for families affected. by the mass shooting.

The center offers services such as:

  • Crisis Guidance
  • Ongoing Mental Health Resources
  • Behavioral health care for survivors, first responders and community members
  • Assistance with insurance claims

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