Internet divided on the color of the wedding guest’s dress

A wedding The guest’s outfit choice caused a stir online after the frilly song seemed to leave a sour taste in internet users’ mouths.

The dress was purchased by an online retailer, but the wedding guest was disappointed by her friend’s response, who said, “He doesn’t think this dress is suitable for a wedding because it’s red.”

“This is new to me?” she noted in a popular thought-provoking mumsnet post that got over 800 responses. “The last two weddings we’ve been to, I’ve worn red and he didn’t say anything. So I wonder what people are thinking, is this appropriate?”

Beautiful little thing

According to data from The Know, nearly 2.6 million couples will walk down the aisle by 2022, meaning there will be many more guests and many more outfit choices for guests. ranks just five colors as avoidable for wedding guests, noting that white, beige, denim, glitter, and the same color of the bridesmaid dresses are all to be heavily avoided.

However, this choice of clothing has different opinions from users online. The dress itself was red with a big ruffle at the top.

“If I saw you in this I would ABSOLUTELY think you were trying to hit the bride,” one user wrote. They were one of many who agreed that it would probably take the shine off the bride and her dress.

“It will definitely grab attention and draw attention to you when the bride should be the center of attention,” added another.

“It’s not even remotely suitable for a wedding. Guests should not try to compete with the bride to grab attention or dominate photos, that’s what a bright red, off-the-shoulder, cut-to-the-thigh dress does,” said one user on the forum.

One user commented that “it’s not suitable for a wedding day or night. It screams ‘I want to be the center of attention’.”

Others, despite similar views, took it all much more politely, with one writing: “I prefer it and don’t have a particularly conservative taste, but I agree, save it for a fantastic night out.”

While some were in favor of the outside dress. One user wrote: “At weddings I go to people who usually put a lot of effort, with hats etc., very glamorous. This would certainly not be out of place.”

“Love it,” shared another. “It shows that you made an effort to dress and celebrate. As long as it suits the other guests, so the dress code etc.”

Despite the split reviews, the wedding guest decided to buy the dress and eventually changed her boyfriend’s mind at the same time.

“When he saw it in person… [he] said he really likes it and has changed his mind,” she wrote in an update comment on the popular thread.

“I can’t believe how many women have a hard time believing that a woman wants to look and feel good in something she actually likes for herself.”

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