Internet is looking for ‘trainee’ who gave strangely specific subtitles for strange things

If you thought Stranger Things writers Duffer Brothers were creative, wait to hear who (perhaps an intern?) wrote captions for the Netflix strike a blow. If one can overcome the barrier of subtitling, a whole new world of cinematic experience opens up, but this does not only apply to foreign language films. It can even happen with a show in a language you know, and Stranger Things is proof. The subtitles for Season 4 were so descriptive that it seems like the writers were trying to design a whole sensory experience for the viewers. Example: “squelches wet away”.

In fact, there is quite a bit of wetness involved. Vecna, for example, is almost always appeasing wet, be it the tentacles or the walking. The subtitles really narrate how to think about scenes: “uncomfortable music becomes more tense”, “ominously pulsating” or “uplifting surfer music becomes more intense”. If in doubt, the subtitlers also tell you what to think of Kate Bush’s iconic song as they write it, “epic synth arrangement of ‘Running Up That Hill’ playing”.

Creativity has not been neglected by fans of the show.

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