Senseonics Announces Stock Exchanges to Employees

  • FDA can’t explain drop in device recalls, but experts point to COVID outages

    The FDA acknowledged interruptions to notifications from recall companies during the pandemic, while regulatory experts point to fewer inspections and fewer procedures. According to a Medical Design & Outsourcing analysis of the regulatory body’s recall data, FDA medical device recalls fell to their lowest level since 2013. Medtech’s regulatory experts said the COVID-19… […]

  • DeviceTalks Boston 2022: what you missed on the show floor

    DeviceTalks Boston 2022 featured a wealth of exhibitor expertise including Viant, ICS, PSN Labs, Propel and more. From stories of overcoming challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic to medical device pitfalls to avoid, Chris Newmarker, Editor-in-Chief of MassDevice and MDO, took to the DeviceTalks Boston show floor to uncover insights. […]

  • Supply Chain EVP Greg Smith Sees Fewer Suppliers in Medtronic’s Future

    All eyes are on Medtronic’s global operations and supply chain leader as he works to modernize its operations and research suppliers. EVP of Global Operations and Supply Chain Greg Smith expects fewer suppliers in Medtronic’s future, he said in an interview this week. Smith spoke with DeviceTalks Editorial Director Tom Salemi in his first published… […]

  • CeQur launches a discreet, convenient ‘portable insulin pen’

    CeQur designed its Simplicity device to make insulin delivery as seamless as possible for people with diabetes. When it comes to managing diabetes, CeQur aims to make insulin therapy as easy as possible. For those who prefer to control their own insulin delivery, the Simplicity device can do just that. Simplicity, a portable, disposable… […]

  • Meddux opens new facility in Colorado

    Engineering, design, development and manufacturing company Meddux has announced it has opened a new facility in Boulder, Colorado. The new 22,000-square-foot facility doubles the total square footage of the previous Colorado location. According to a press release, it will help the company quadruple its product development area and double its manufacturing footprint. The new Meddux facility… […]

  • Reduce total validation costs

    PTI Engineered Plastics Reliable medical devices and equipment are essential for researchers and physicians to accurately diagnose and treat a wide variety of diseases. That is why there is such strict supervision by the FDA to ensure that these products meet the necessary requirements and specifications. To ensure regulatory compliance, manufacturers follow installation qualification… […]

  • BBS Automation has a deal to buy medtech supplier Kahle Automation

    BBS Automation said it plans to buy high-speed automation supplier Kahle Automation to expand its medtech and life sciences businesses. Kahle will operate as Kahle – a BBS Company, according to a press release from Munich, Germany-based BBS and Lombardy, Italy-based Kahle. The deal is subject to regulatory approval. The terms have not been disclosed. The co-owners of Kahle -… […]

  • How safe is health information after the overthrow of Roe?

    The United States Department of Health and Human Services today issued guidelines designed to better protect women’s health information as state abortion bans come into effect following the US Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade. Despite the HHS actions, women may still question whether their health information is completely safe in the future – a potential challenge… […]

  • Dexcom focuses on early diabetes diagnosis as COVID links emerge

    New evidence shows that COVID-19 may increase a person’s risk of diabetes, but it could be years before we know for sure. In the meantime, Dexcom (Nasdaq:DXCM) is getting ready, said VP of Global Clinical Initiatives Tomas Walker. Walker recently spoke with Medical Design & Outsourcing to discuss the San Diego-based diabetes device developer… […]

  • Blackrock Neurotech and Pitt Working on First BCI Remote Trial Home System

    Blackrock Neurotech and the Rehab Neural Engineering Labs (Pitt RNEL) at the University of Pittsburgh are collaborating on the first wearable brain-computer interface (BCI) that will allow patients to participate in research trials at home. A representative from Blackrock said this is the final step as the company prepares to launch its first commercial product early next year. Salty… […]

  • How medical device companies are responding to abortion bans

    Days after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to nullify abortion rights protections by Roe v. Wade, medical device manufacturers are among those reassuring workers about access to health care. Corporate communications to employees and the general public are triggering laws in nearly half of the states that immediately prohibit abortion. Some medtech companies don’t use… […]

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