These programming languages ​​will get you the highest paying jobs

Stack Overflow has published an in-depth study detailing the latest programming trends, including the most popular and highest paying coding platforms.

In the May 2022 survey, more than 70,000 developers provided insights into the world of programming languages, revealing some interesting tidbits.

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As reported by Ditching, Stack Overflow reported that JavaScript dominates the charts with a whopping 65% of all developers surveyed using the language. HTML/CSS was a close second at 55.08%, while database-based SQL came in third with 49.43% share.

Thanks to its popularity among developers, JavaScript is the most important programming language in the world for the 10th year in a row.

As for individuals seeking careers in coding, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and Python were practically neck and neck in terms of the most popular languages ​​for those studying the various coding platforms.

Elsewhere, the survey revealed the most compelling coding languages ​​to learn when it comes to salary amounts. Clojure, a counterpart to the Java-based programming language Lisp, is the most lucrative language to have experience with, with an average salary of over $106,000.

In comparison, Dart is the least desirable language among companies due to an average salary of $43,724 per year.

Among programming, scripting, and markup languages, Python pays an average salary of $71,105 while JavaScript is behind at $65,580. The average annual income figures for some of the other platforms are as follows:

  • Erlang: $103,000
  • Perl: $90,000
  • C#: $69,516
  • C++: $68,000
  • PHP: $50,496
  • HTML/CSS: $63,984
  • C: $67,186
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Between 2021 and 2022, median salaries increased by about 23% on average. That is a significant increase for a period of only 12 months. Why the sharp jump? Stack Overflow describes how Flow, COBOL, Couchbase, and IBM Cloud/Watson all saw the biggest year-over-year salary increases.

Lead developers lead the pack in terms of the industry’s best-compensated individuals, while cloud infrastructure engineers and data engineers are also richly rewarded, according to TechRadar. Unsurprisingly, blockchain engineers are also on the receiving end of a significant payout.

Breaking down the types of users who participated in the survey reveals that full-stack (46%) and back-end (43%) developers are most involved in the survey, while front-end (26%) and desktop developers (15 %), was also involved.

Finally, since coding is still an industry that forms the backbone of technology, it is no surprise that a huge number of individuals have turned to learning coding languages ​​through online courses. Udemy is currently used by 66% of respondents, followed by Coursera (35%) and Codeacademy (26%).

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