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Waya Health Installs Virtual Reality System in VHA Centers Across the Country

BOONE, NCJuly 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Waya Health today announced one of the largest single deployments of virtual reality within a U.S. healthcare system, Corporate President Joe Morgansaid MD.

The project involves the implementation of Waya Health’s immersive virtual reality (VR) creative art therapy application at 56 Veterans Health Administration (VHA) medical centers, from New York City until Los Angelesand Spokane to Miami

“We are proud to provide the VHA with a unified system that virtually promotes many ways of healing veterans,” said Dr. Morgan.

to be below $1.8 million contract with VHA, Waya Health has shipped more than 350 VR systems with its proprietary software to VHA medical centers in 34 states and Puerto Rico† The company will also provide training, technical support and software upgrades over the course of the two-year contract.

“The potential for immersive technology, especially VR, to positively impact the lives of our employees and veterans is endless,” said Anne Lord BaileyPharmD, director of Clinical Technological Innovation and co-lead of VHA Extended Reality Network. “From helping to manage pain to empowering rehabilitation, we are seeing veterans deploy their care in very powerful ways, and VR for creative art therapy was no exception.”

Creative art therapies promote physical, emotional, psychological and social rehabilitation. They also help relieve pain and other symptoms associated with terminal illnesses.

The VR creative art therapy modules that Waya Health has developed and uses VHA include painting, dancing, drama and playing musical instruments, in addition to evidence-based relaxation environments.

VHA started using and testing Waya Health’s technology in 2018 in a variety of clinical settings at its hospitals and residential centers, including pain relief, mental health, and clinical assessments.

“VHA has been an incredible advocate of innovation,” said Dr. Morgan. “They’re light years ahead of the rest of the healthcare industry with a system-wide, integrated virtual reality system. They’re going to reap the benefits in terms of outcomes, from a cost standpoint, and in terms of the kind of care they can provide.”

“As clinicians, we understand that delivering the same quality of care as yesterday will never be good enough. We are always trying to raise the bar and find new ways to improve care. At Waya, we make it easy for innovative healthcare facilities to using virtual reality to achieve just that!”

About Waya Health:

A pioneer and leading innovator in the use of virtual reality in healthcare, Waya Health was founded by certified doctors in Boone, North Carolina, in 2016. The Waya Health Platform improves patient outcomes, reduces costs and increases revenues in multiple clinical settings – all while reducing the need for drug therapies, including pain medication. The truth is that most patients would rather be elsewhere. With Waya, they can be.

About the Veterans Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem (VHA IE):

VHA IE is the catalyst for discovering and disseminating mission-driven healthcare innovation to advance care delivery and service that exceed expectations, restore hope and build trust within the veteran community. As part of the VHA Office of Discovery, Education and Affiliate Networks (DEAN), VHA IE leverages the collective power of innovation champions in VA, academia, nonprofits and industry to operationalize innovation in the largest integrated healthcare system in the world. the country.

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