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HONG KONG, July 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WIMI Hologram Academy, in partnership with the Holographic Science Innovation Center, has released a new technical paper detailing their exploration of the Human Action Simulation System based on virtual reality technology. This article follows below:

To improve the scientificity and quality of sports training, scientists from WIMI Hologram Academy of WIMI Hologram Cloud Inc. (NASDAQ: WIMI) the Human Action Simulation System based on Virtual Reality technology. Scientists collect the initial motion data through motion recording motion database, using offset mapping technology correction, and design the motions in the motion database, according to the athletes’ body parameters, combined with the rationality of the human motion equations, test the standard technical action, through the motion split control and simulate any standard technical movement, get a new set of standard technology simulation, screen synchronization with the athletes training video of comparative analysis, improve the quality and training level, realize the simulation of sports training.

The basic requirement of competitive sports is that athletes must have standard and skilled technical movements. To achieve this goal, athletes should not only continue to train hard, but also provide scientific and effective training methods for coaches to improve the level of sports training. China’s competitive sports training level of science and technology has always been in a relatively low state, most coaches through experience and subjective awareness of sports training education, rely only on experience and the naked eye judgment to guide the technical movements of athletes, leading to athletes multiple need repeated exercises to master the technical essence, so China, the quality of competitive sports training is low, and the technical action level improved slowly. To this end, researchers around the world have concluded through research and practical verification that adding digital graphics and imaging technology to sports training can improve the efficiency of athletes to master the technical necessities during sports training, reducing the risk of injuries in sports training. athletes during sports is effectively reduced training and improve the overall sports training effect.

Virtual reality technology can also be referred to as VR technology, has the characteristics of interactive, conception and immersion, through the integrated use of artificial intelligence technology, multimedia technology, digital graphics technology, computer network technology and multimedia detection technology for human sensory function simulation, immerse the user in the virtual environment, through gestures and language can achieve real-time interaction, build a humanized dimensional information space, the application perspective is very wide. Today, the virtual reality technology has entered the architectural design, cultural entertainment, industrial education and training and other fields, among which the virtual reality technology in sports is mostly used in sports training and education, based on this technology to achieve scientific level of training, training process and technical action optimization and improvement. Therefore, the sports training simulation system based on virtual reality technology is being studied, which helps to effectively improve the scientific training of coaches and the technical movements of athletes.

1. sports training simulation system

1.1 General overview of the system

Through the actual movement and movement biomechanics data and digital 3 d human movement virtual reality technology, realize the virtual reality technology simulation, custom design movement training target, at the same time using human movement dynamics theory analysis and test of designed technical action, and will test the standard technical motion simulation for a complete set of an action sequence, through the stimulation sequence and the training video of athletes, enhance the realistic accompanying meaning and application value of the simulation.

The two main parts of the motion training simulation system based on virtual reality technology are motion simulation and motion training, motion comparison and standard technical motion simulation. Among them, sports training standard technical action refers to the ideal technical action identified in the mind of the referee or coach, which can improve the level of sports training and score in sports competitions. To better support sports training, the prior knowledge of referees and coaches can be graphically and quantified. Based on this, the referee or coach should provide a way to simulate the standard technical movements of sports training.

With offset mapping correction, design movement training to capture action database, with the human parameters of athletes, according to the parameters of the people’s body inertia, at the same time the parameters through the human motion comparison of simulation results, realize the purpose of reducing the simulation error, to edit the simulation of the standard technical action after inspection, get a complete set of standard technology simulation actions, form a 3D standard simulation library. Simulation and simulation of sports training. In order to improve the level of sports training, the standard technical movement simulation results and the athlete’s “real sports training movements” can be compared and analyzed, in order to better know the athlete about the insufficient technical movements in their own sports training. Through the camera orthogonal projection model, the camera parameters can be obtained from the inner workings of the sports training video, confirm the control parameters of the 3D virtual scene with the equal point of view of the sports training video, and the simulation of standard technical movements and real sports training movements, to help the coach effectively to provide for sports training.

2. simulation test:

The system is applied to the sports training of the diving team and the volleyball team in some areas, the training effect is presented and the application performance of the system is tested. Simulation effect analysis by the professional software environment to realize the development of the system, the application system simulation of a diving jump technology and the serve technology of a male volleyball player, compare the technical action simulation effect and the similarity of technical movements, test the simulation effect of the system simulation. If the system of the simulation effect of two technical movements illustrates that the system simulation effect is good, simulation results can be used in the actual movement training and more convenient in the system based on the simulation results of activity modification, and facilitate the simulation results after the comparative analysis with the training video.

3. Conclusion

This article studies the simulation system of motion training based on virtual reality technology, Virtual reality technologies include computer networks, multimedia, multimedia detection and digital images and graphics, With the functional characteristics of immersion and interaction, To simulate the human body realize characteristics, and immerse users in their virtual environment, the overall system with two parts: comparative simulation action and motion training action and standard engineering action simulation is constructed and using virtual reality technology to simulate the relevant characteristics of motion training motion, realize the simulation function of the system, Through practical application, the system can improve the effect and efficiency of sports training. It has a high practical application value.

Founded in August 2020, WIMI Hologram Academy is dedicated to holographic AI vision exploration, exploring basic science and innovative technologies powered by human vision. The Holographic Science Innovation Center, in partnership with WIMI Hologram Academy, is committed to exploring the unknown technology of holographic AI vision, attracting, collecting and integrating relevant global resources and superior forces, advancing comprehensive innovation with scientific and technological innovation at its core, and conducting basic scientific and innovative technological research.


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