“5G to unleash the power of VR and AR,” says XR Central founder Shrey Mishra

XR Central XRC is an interactive technical studio focused on solving real business problems with Metaverse Technology

XR Central (XRC) is an interactive technical studio focused on solving real business problems with Metaverse Technology.

Virtual reality and AR are growing faster than ever and several companies are stepping up their game to participate in the next technological advancement.

XR Central is an interactive technical studio focused on solving real business problems with Metaverse Technology, including: Augmented & Virtual Reality, Voice and Gamification.
The company is headquartered in Gurgaon and was founded by two enthusiasts: Anshul Agarwal and Shrey Mishra in the year 2020. As Metaverse evolves, there is a real possibility that virtual technology will soon be an integral part of our daily lives.

From attending office meetings from the comfort of your home in a virtual space to building a prototype of a new aircraft, the possibilities are endless.

With the scope of metaverse in mind, XR Central is working on Metaqube which is said to be a metaverse creator with a no code DIY platform. In addition, users can access all XR resources through the web-based interface.

XR Central uses MetaQube as a one-step solution for businesses. The company has already created customer experiences for brands like Axalta and training experiences for SpiceJet.

To learn more about the company and its plans, we interviewed the XR Central co-founder; Shrey Misra.

MetaQube logo
MetaQube logo.

What is MetaQube?

MetaQube is a no-code do-it-yourself platform that can be used by people to create their own metaverse, for different applications in different industries. The simplified, streamlined flow makes it easy for any user of any skill level to create and experiment, and the variety of digital tools and resources makes it attractive for professional designers and creators to create unique, stunning artifacts.

How long does it take to create your own metaverse?

With our library of templates, 3D assets, and vibrant avatars, creating your own metaverse has never been easier. All you need to do is choose a room, customize it to your liking, invite your friends and have fun using our suite of collaboration features.

Now 5G is about to become a reality. What kind of paradigm shift do you think VR and AR will undergo in the future?

5G will go a long way in unleashing the power of VR and AR as it will provide wider and faster coverage, allowing more and more people to participate in the metaverse, which in turn will make the metaverse technology more reliable and affordable. for the masses. 5G will thus serve as a gateway to the metaverse.

Given the proliferation of cyber risks, what steps can individuals take to ensure data security, especially when discussing the hype of the metaverse?

This is an important point, because in many cases, customers first hear about something else and discover that they have invested money in a cryptocurrency, for example, which has no chance of doing well. In terms of data security, the metaverse will be powered by the blockchain, which ensures that a certain level of transparency and security is built into the system. But the bottom line: don’t fall for new fads without research and keep your private information private.

Which segment of the audience is most excited about using virtual spaces for businesses?

A wide selection of industries and audiences participate in virtual spaces. Due to the pandemic, more and more people are spending their time online and want an experience that is immersive, meaningful and breaks their monotony. We mainly have many projects in the arts and entertainment world, but also in specialized industries that want to build virtual customer centers.

How XR Central is democratizing the way the Extended Reality ecosystem (Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality) has functioned over the past 2 decades

Extended reality has traditionally not been so well known for industrial applications outside of gaming. Even now that it has established itself in the public consciousness, it is a domain of highly specialized industries and for people who can afford expensive equipment. We’re trying to change that by broadening the scope of XR technology. We are currently developing projects for esports, arts and culture, education and the electrical industry.

How XR Central’s cutting-edge technology is disrupting the web3.0 arena for metaverse needs?

There is a real need for diverse India-based metaverse creation tools. With our flagship product, MetaQube, we have developed a powerful way to create your own metaverses. Now everyone in any industry has the freedom to quickly and efficiently create a metaverse tailored to their own needs.

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