Don’t take industrial fake news into account

“Fake news has become a big problem, it affects elections, affects major political events and the credibility of every piece of social media content, fake news or not. And ‘industrial fake news’ in turn is indeed a big problem for companies,” said Patrick Lamplmair, CEO of European deep tech startup Tributech, data trust expert and guest on our new #MakeIoTwork podcast episode† Find out why they pose such a high risk, what can happen when business-critical decisions are made based on manipulated data, and how companies can protect themselves.

The importance of data trust – and the question: how do you ensure data trust?

In its “2021 Data Health Survey,” Talend found that 60% of business leaders don’t always trust their company’s data, and 95% of respondents also said they believe there should be standard cross-industry metrics to measure the quality of business data. judge. †Languages, 2021† Patrick Lamplmair also confirms this: “While companies understand the importance of protecting their data, we consistently see that they struggle to find answers to the question of how to ensure that their data is not damaged or tampered with between data sources and their respective data consumers, both internally and when sharing data with customers, suppliers and partners.”

The good news: companies no longer have to blindly trust their data

One solution to deploy to existing devices is the Tributech Sensor Security Module, a modular IoT device with expansion modules to select connectivity and sensors or interfaces. It enables the highest possible customization and minimizes the implementation effort required to integrate new sensors or protocols for embedded system applications. It combines high-performance hardware security and blockchain technology to provide verifiable and reliable data even when used in different organizations. Infineon’s OPTIGA Trust M is used to create cryptographic fingerprints from sensor data stored in a tamper-resistant blockchain layer.

Because the sensor protection module is designed for prototypes and retrofits, the Tributech OEM module sits between off-the-shelf products and DIY platforms or technologies. It is packaged in a system-on-module (SoM) solution that provides all the required core functionality within a single interface, handling telemetry data, configurations, updates, provisioning and security.

Listen to our podcast episode for more information about the solution, or read the translation

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