Elon Musk has reportedly fathered twins with an executive at his AI startup

Billionaire Elon Musk is the father of eight-month-old twins born to a senior executive at his artificial intelligence startup Neuralink, Insider reportedciting a court document.

Musk and the director asked a Texas judge in April to change the children’s names to reflect both their last names. Insider said. According to the report, the request was granted.

The two babies would bring Musk’s total number of known children to nine. He has advocated increasing population as part of his vision of colonizing other planets.

Neuralink, a Musk-controlled company, and Musk did not immediately respond to email inquiries, and Bloomberg was unable to immediately obtain a copy of the court document.

Separately, Musk also loomed over jury selection in a lawsuit over a fatal accident involving a Tesla, though he has no role in the proceedings. Some future judges admitted they are fans of Musk and… follow him on Twitter

Tesla Inc. on trial and charged with negligence for removing a speed limiter on a Model S. James Riley sued the company after his son, Barrett, was killed when he lost control of the vehicle traveling at 216 miles per hour and crashed into a car. concrete wall of a house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

About an hour after the jury selection on Wednesday, a prospective juror raised her hand when the judge asked if anyone had strong opinions about electric cars. A middle-aged woman said she considers herself “a huge fan” of Musk, which sparked some laughter in court.

Two potential male jurors, one an auto service technician in training, is set to apply for a job at a local Tesla service center in the coming weeks, and another who has a Tesla on order, also claimed to be fans of the billionaire.

“He has done a lot for improvement in technology” and he seems to be “very forward-thinking to innovate” in various industries, the service technician said.

Three prospective judges said they follow Musk on Twitter. Two of them, including a retired firefighter who was later chosen to serve on the jury, revealed they had set up accounts in the past three months after Tesla’s CEO announced his offer to buy Twitter in April.

When it was Tesla’s attorney Bob Rudock’s turn to question future jurors, he was quick to remind them that there was no need to talk about Musk.

“We’ve heard a lot of things about Elon Musk. This case is not about Elon Musk,” Rudock said. “He’s not coming into the courtroom.”

A pool of nearly three dozen potential jurors was reduced to six jurors and two alternates before opening statements began Thursday.

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