Mazak Canada Hosts Machine Technology and AI Events

Canadian manufacturers in Edmonton, Alberta and Cambridge, Ontario were shown the latest automation-ready machines, artificial intelligence and industry 4.0 technology software from Mazak Canada.

At both open house events, Mazak showcased its Done in One part manufacturing concept and advanced Industry 4.0 technology software, along with CNC controls utilizing artificial intelligence (AI).

The Done in One concept encompasses all processes from raw material input to final processing in just one machine. The concept offers manufacturers maximum productivity, shortens production lead times, improves accuracy and lowers operating costs.

In order to combat the shortage of skilled workers, Mazak showed multitasking machines ready for automation.

These machines include the Integrex i-300S advanced multi-tasking machine with second turning spindles for Done in One part processing and works to minimize fixtures, tooling, handling and no-cut time and the Integrex j-200S multi-tasking machine with a integral spindle/motor head for heavy and fast cutting and two spinning spindles and milling spindle-produced steel bottle openers, and the QT-Ez 12MY 2-axis machine demonstrated milling and Y-axis off-centerline capabilities.

Mazak open house in Cambridge
Manufacturers are checking out Mazak technology in Edmonton, Top and Cambridge.

Both locations showcased turning centers, including the Quick Turn 450MY CNC turning center with multitasking capabilities that performs milling and turning in the same setup and was shown to perform heavy roughing, drilling, boring and threading.

At Cambridge, Mazak presented its HQR-200MSY double-spindle, double-turret turning center with two high-performance spindles, along with upper and lower turrets that allow unattended full Done-In-One part processing when cutting aluminum trophies.

Also on display in Edmonton and Cambridge was the Variaxis C-600 vertical machining center, considered by some shops to be a “first step” in 5-axis machining, it’s easy to use and compact with a tilt table. The company also showcased its VC-Ez 20 3-axis VMC, featuring Mazak’s Mazatrol SmoothEz CNC that features dual 800MHz processors, 512MB of RAM, and a 15-inch capacitive touchscreen with a full keyboard and up to 60 lines of code.

Mazak put AI and Smart monitoring analytics in the spotlight with its Smooth Monitor AX and Smooth CAM AI. Smooth Monitoring AX monitors, connects and analyzes the performance of not only Mazak machines, but all machines in the factory for increased productivity and efficiency. The data can then be sent directly to the factory floor for rapid machine configuration and optimization.

Smooth CAM AI allows users to create multiple virtual machines, simulate performance and analyze data from an office desktop. The data can then be sent directly to the factory floor for rapid machine configuration and optimization.

Visitors also learned how to reduce inspection settings from 15 minutes to 20 seconds using Mazak’s Smooth Set & Inspect software solution that integrates Renishaw inspection probes with Mazak’s CNC platform. Smooth Set & Inspect makes setting up, inspecting and setting up parts as simple as answering a few questions and pressing a machine’s “cycle start” button.

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