Microsoft just made this ‘huge change’ to its Windows 11 subsystem for Android


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Microsoft has updated its Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) on Windows 11 with a “massive change in networking” – thanks to new functionality available in the Advanced Networking feature.

Windows Subsystem for Android allows Windows 11 devices to run Android applications available in the Amazon Appstore

Microsoft rolled out advanced networking for its Android app running subsystem on Windows 11 PCs in May.

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That change allowed Android apps to connect to smart devices on the same local network as a Windows PC. Advanced networking is also enabled by default for newer x64 Windows builds for PCs with Intel and AMD chips.

the “huge change in networks” in the latest release of WSA includes Android app access to local network devices for ARM computers. WSA now also has support for IPv6 and VPN (virtual private network) connectivity, according to Microsoft’s Windows blog about the July WSA updates

Advanced networking allows users to set up smart home devices such as speakers and security cameras with a compatible Android app. As Microsoft explained in May, users can then play content on a speaker on the same network, or set up a security camera or other smart home device, as long as it has a compatible Android app.

Another change Microsoft notices is that WSA now has the same IP address as the host machine/computer instead of its own IP address. This change is reflected in the developer area of ​​the WSA Settings app by removing the IP address of the WSA virtual machine.

WSA runs in a Hyper-V VM for compatibility with open-source Android and Windows device interfaces, such as mouse and keyboard. Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) also runs in a VM. Users need to install WSA and the Amazon App Store from the Microsoft Store, as well as enable virtualization in Windows 11 to run WSA and Android apps on it.

Microsoft launched the WSA preview last October with support for processors from AMD, Intel and Qualcomm. With Intel technology, WSA can run apps made only for Arm on hardware with Intel and AMD chips.

Currently, only US users can install Android apps from the Amazon Appstore preview, but Windows users in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the UK can test the preview by the end of 2022

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Although Microsoft has enabled IPv6 and VPN connectivity, some VPNs still have stability issues when Advanced Networking is enabled in the WSA Settings app.

Microsoft has also added AV1 codec support, updated WSA to Chromium WebView 101, and applied the May Android kernel patches.

These updates are available in WSA version 2205.40000.14.0, which is delivered to US Windows 11 users across all Windows Insiders channels. More details are: available in Microsoft’s blog post

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