Husky dog in a hole

Mud-Covered Husky Puppy Stopped Digging Project Delights Internet

A puppy’s hilarious reaction to being foiled by his latest garden project has left the internet in a rut this week.

Posted on Monday, reddit user u/Chekila posted The photo to the forum r/rarepuppers, with over 37,000 votes and hundreds of comments.

Next to the picture of the little one husky dogthe caption read: “He wasn’t happy I was quitting his new project ‘one more hole in the yard’.”

In the photo, the small and fuzzy brown and white dog stares at the camera, complete with a mud-covered muzzle caused by his count antics.

news week has contacted you/Chekila for comment.

Anyone who has spent any time with a dog will tell you that they are big fans of digging — with little regard for your landscaping plans. The American Kennel Club (AKC) explains that for most dogs, digging is an instinctive behavior that can be traced back to their wolf ancestors.

“Digging is arguably as much a part of dogdom as barking or sniffing,” explains the AKC. “In fact, that instinctive tendency is why some breeds were originally used to hunt animals in underground burrows.”

The reasons for a puppy’s digging behavior vary widely. Sometimes it’s the basic instinct of trying to find prey, other reasons include creating a shallow cool bed on a hot day – especially common in thick-haired northern dogs like the viral photo.

Your canine friend will also dig to bury things. If your dog has a bone or toy but doesn’t want to risk someone stealing it from him, he can keep it safe by hiding it underground. Dogs can also dig to escape places, get through under barriers to find new places to explore.

The adorable photo delighted other Redditors who took to the comments to share their thoughts.

One commenter joked, “The next hole he digs will be your grave,” while another said, “He looks like the cutest super villain ever.”

“You have no idea how hard it is to pout cutely and get a deadly look at the same time,” said another reply. “This pupper nailed it.”

Another Redditor said: “He looks like he’s planning revenge, but he’s too cute to be mad at.”

If you want to stop your dog from digging, the AKC has some advice: “Make sure your dog gets plenty of mental stimulation and exercise every day.” This will help with any boredom or anxiety that the digging behavior may cause.

It can also help distract your dog from digging by redirecting the unwanted behavior. For example, by letting your dog do a trick or play with a toy.

But on Reddit, there was a lot of support for the pup’s big digging project: “Yet in defense: how dare you,” said one comment, while another comment said, “Obviously he’s on a deadline.”

“He is clearly an expert in his field and your interference will not be tolerated,” another Redditor joked.

Husky dog ​​in a den
A stock photo portrait of funny and dirty husky in a hole. A photo of a husky puppy’s reaction after his owner stopped digging him has had the internet down.
castenoid/Getty Images

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