“No obligations;” From feminine products to counseling to practical help, Hickory Women’s Resource Center continues to advocate for all women | Local news

Director Michelle Morgan said the Women’s Resource Center is a one-stop shop for all women making a change in their lives.

For example, the center provides free sanitary pads and tampons to women through the No Strings Attached program. The personal hygiene items hang in small brown bags on the veranda of the center. Morgan said women are free to come and get what they need, no questions asked.

The Pantry With A Purpose offers household and personal essentials such as cleansers, soaps, menstrual hygiene, deodorant and more to keep women safe and clean.

The pantry is funded entirely by community donations and Morgan said they’ve given out about £2,000 worth of inventory items.

The Women’s Resource Center, a nonprofit organization, also has an on-site licensed therapist for underinsured or uninsured women in need of free mental health care.

Morgan said Womenade’s practical help helps women who have to live paycheck to paycheck. The grant, up to $500, can help women cover car repairs with estimates, mental health copays for a period of time, balances on childcare benefits or equipment needs.

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The grant does not cover rent, utilities, housing or rental guarantees, delinquent credit accounts, delinquent medical bills, or auto insurance.

Morgan said the Women’s Resource Center funded laptops for women who went to school or finish school. The center also funded a new sewing machine for a woman who is a seamstress for a living. Both were included in the gear needs through the Womenade grant.

Morgan said the services and grants are making a difference in the lives of local women, including some who may find themselves out of a job or home without it.

The Women’s Resource Center is LGBTQ+, immigrant, BIPOC and AAPI affiliated.

“The Women’s Resource Center will continue to rely on women to determine for themselves what is best for their lives, their bodies and their families, and will continue to support them in getting the resources to do so,” Morgan said.

Morgan invites community members to volunteer at the Women’s Resource Center. Volunteers take about half a day of training and help answer the phone and stock the pantry and make the bags with feminine products.

“We just need to stick together and support each other and be advocates for each other,” Morgan said.

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