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“We are excited to give consumers greater confidence and understanding of the quality of devices sold on Swappa through our comprehensive device certification process,” said Jax Futrell, Chief Operating Officer at Phonecheck. “Swappa was one of the first marketplaces to recognize the need for security and simplicity when shopping for used devices. Our partnership reinforces this shared mission to bring confidence and transparency to second-hand phone buyers and sellers.”

While Swappa’s strict listing requirements mean buyers will always receive fully functional devices, ready for activation and free from cracked screens or water damage, Phonecheck offers data-driven validation through the device certification process. Many sellers on Swappa thoroughly test and certify devices with Phonecheck before listing them to ensure devices are in good working order with no functional issues.

“Bringing used phone certification to market is a win-win. Making this process more visible helps sellers appreciate the attention to detail and the work they’re already doing. We think buyers will appreciate knowing that their device has undergone this kind of testing, so we’re displaying the Phonecheck badge on certified listings,” said Ben EdwardsFounder & CEO of Swappa.

The market for used device sales continues to grow, growing 15% in 2021 versus the 4.5% growth in new smartphone shipments according to Counterpoint Research† Global forces such as persistent supply chain problems and inflation are driving a growing interest in used technology. As the market grows, so does the need for third-party validation to build trust.

Phonecheck has proven itself to be an efficient and reliable way for sellers to quickly diagnose used phones and get them ready for sale. Phonecheck’s test suite is fully automated and can test multiple Apple or Android devices simultaneously – up to 40 devices per hour. Rigorous testing helps identify broken devices before they are sold, resulting in fewer RMAs and less overhead. After testing is complete, devices are securely wiped in accordance with ADISA accredited data erasure standards and a Phonecheck device history report is generated to confirm all data points tested. Search for the Phonecheck logo on lists to view devices complete with the comprehensive Phonecheck Device History Reportincluding diagnostic information, carrier status, repair history, and more.

About Phone Check

Phonecheck’s mission is to build trust between buyers and sellers of used mobile phones. With its 80-point certification, ADISA-certified data erasure process and full device history report for iOS and Android phones, Phonecheck is trusted by leading used business device processors and global marketplaces such as eBay to sell used devices at scale. to certify. By looking for the Phonecheck Certified logo, used device buyers can shop with confidence and transparency. Don’t buy a used device without a Phonecheck Certified History Report! More information on

About Swappa

Swappa is the safest marketplace to buy and sell used technology. Swappa was founded in 2010 in Kansas City, MO. Today, Swappa has become the marketplace to buy and sell new technology safely and easily, with over $100 million in technology used in 2021. For more information, visit

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