Recent surge could appease institutional owners of Locaweb Serviços de Internet SA (BVMF:LWSA3) after a 75% loss in the past year

To get an idea of ​​who is really in control of Locaweb Serviços de Internet SA (BVMF:LWSA3), it is important to understand the ownership structure of the company. The group with the most shares in the company, about 38% to be exact, are institutions. That is, the group will profit the most if the stock rises (or lose the most if there is a downturn).

Institutional investors would likely welcome last week’s stock price gain of 15% after a year of 75% losses as a sign that yields are likely to start moving higher.

Let’s take a closer look at each Locaweb Serviços de Internet owner type, starting with the table below.

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property disturbance
BOVESPA:LWSA3 Property Breakdown July 7, 2022

What does institutional ownership tell us about Locaweb Serviços de Internet?

Many institutions measure their performance against an index that approximates the local market. So they usually pay more attention to companies that are included in major indices.

We can see that Locaweb Serviços has the Internet institutional investors; and they own a large portion of the company’s stock. This suggests some credibility with professional investors. But we cannot rely on that fact alone, because sometimes institutions make bad investments, just like everyone else. If several institutions change their view of a stock at the same time, you could see the stock price drop quickly. It is therefore worth looking at Locaweb Serviços de Internet’s earnings history below. It is, of course, about the future.

profit-and-sales growth
BOVESPA:LWSA3 Earnings and Sales Growth July 7, 2022

We note that hedge funds have no meaningful investment in Locaweb Serviços de Internet. General Atlantic Service Company, LP is currently the largest shareholder of the company with 11% of the outstanding shares. With 9.7% and 6.2% of the shares outstanding, respectively, BlackRock, Inc. and Michel Gora the second and third largest shareholders.

Upon closer inspection, we found that more than half of the company’s stock is owned by the top 7 shareholders, suggesting that the interests of the larger shareholders are outweighed to some extent by the smaller ones.

Institutional ownership research is a good way to measure and filter the expected performance of a stock. The same can be achieved by studying the sentiments of analysts. There are a fair number of analysts who follow the stock, so it can be helpful to find out their overall view of the future.

Insider property of Locaweb Serviços de Internet

The definition of an insider may vary slightly from country to country, but board members always count. The company’s management runs the business, but the CEO will be accountable to the board of directors, even if he or she is a member of it.

I generally consider insider ownership to be a good thing. In some cases, however, it makes it more difficult for other shareholders to hold the board accountable for decisions.

Our information shows that insiders have a significant stake in Locaweb Serviços de Internet SA. Insiders have a R$1.1 billion stake in this R$3.9 billion venture. It’s great to see insiders so invested in the company. It might be worth checking if those insiders recently bought.

General public property

The general public, mostly individual investors, has a 23% stake in Locaweb Serviços de Internet. While this group isn’t necessarily in charge, it can certainly have a real impact on the way the business is run.

Private Equity Property

With an 11% stake, private equity firms could influence the governance of Locaweb Serviços de Internet. Sometimes we see private equity sticking around for the long haul, but in general they have a shorter investment horizon and – as the name suggests – they don’t invest much in public companies. Over time, they may look for a sale and reallocation of capital elsewhere.

Next steps:

While it’s worth considering the different groups that own a business, there are other factors that are even more important. Example: we’ve seen it 1 warning sign for Locaweb Serviços de Internet you should be aware.

in the end the future is the most important† You can access this free analyst forecast report for the company

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