Strayos, Squadrone combine AI and drone mapping nous to optimize India’s mining sector

Posted by Daniel Gleeson on July 7, 2022

US-based Strayos and India-based Squadrone have announced a new partnership that will combine mine-to-mill artificial intelligence-based solutions with drone research to “bring futuristic mining to more locations in India,” said Strayos CEO , Ravi Sahu.

Squadrone considers itself to be one of the most forward-thinking companies in the application of aerial intelligence to the mining industry in India, providing tailor-made UAV solutions for various applications from mining to drilling and explosions to disaster management. It provides its clients with site mapping, mapping and digitization services using drones to efficiently manage the day-to-day operations of their mining site, it says.

Strayos is an AI-based company that uses data from a wide variety of smart tools, edge devices and sensors, including drones, to create 3D digital models of sites. The digitization of the site is further enhanced by Strayos’ end-to-end site AI tools that analyze data from various sources to form secure and immediately actionable key insights, automation and accurate predictions, it says.

This partnership will pave the way for new holistic site-level insights, the companies say. In addition to the 3D digital site model created from drone data, users can now leverage Strayos’ Geology Detection AI, Drill & Blast AI, and Site Analytics AI, with inventory management. With the addition of these tools, mining stakeholders across a variety of site operations will be able to aggregate and access data from the entire operation, the companies said.

For example, blast engineers will have access to geological data when designing blasts, drillers will be able to accurately predict how their drills will affect mill performance, and mining engineers will be able to plan the site design with precision based on up-to-date up-to-date geology and optimized drilling and blasting to reduce loading and transportation costs.

Brad Gyngell, COO, Strayos, said: “Mining in India is currently undergoing a major transformation, with drones and AI being the perfect tools to accelerate this progress. We are extremely excited to partner with Squadrone and deliver superior solutions to our customers in India.”

Cyriac Joseph, CEO, Squadrone, Bangalore, India, said: “We are proud to be able to provide the mining industry with the best services and best products in surface mining, drilling and blasting, stone mechanics, mine safety and underground mining. Our ‘boots on the ground’ and Strayos’ cloud-based AI tools will greatly benefit the Indian mining industry with these specialized applications to enable great analytics with visual intelligence through drone technology.”

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