The Oculus Quest 2 metaverse is still too boring for me to love

I absolutely love my MetaQuest 2 VR headset (although the new name is a bit silly† the incredible VR experiences it offers are unlike anything else in gaming. But despite my fondness for the system, I’ve yet to fall in love with the direction Meta is taking its VR headsets in – I’ve seen how great the metaverse could be, but right now I’m utterly bored with it.

Prior to its UK launch a few weeks ago, I had the chance to try it out Horizon Worlds – Meta buds metaverse platform – with a crew of Meta representatives. At first I was intrigued. While our avatars were a bit lifeless, our time together was much more fun than a Zoom call, the worlds players created were pretty neat, and the built-in security features answered my concerns about online harassment just fine.

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