Windows 11 is ahead of Windows 10 in an important test

Windows 11 has been around for almost a year, but the debate about how it can withstand Windows 10 still going strong. That’s why custom computer builder Puget Systems re-watched the same topic with the results that Windows 11 could be ahead of Windows 10 in one important area.

This one key area involves content creation, and Puget Systems has explained that Windows 11 has made gains over Windows 10 in several tests over the past year. Those gains are primarily due to monthly Windows 11 patches and the launch of new ones. CPUs. Still, Windows 10 also performed faster in some tests, with the hardware running the tests being the same.

The logos of the Windows 11 and Windows 10 operating system are displayed on laptop screens.

At the end of the results, it was found that Windows 11 does not have as many performance issues in terms of content creation as when it first launched. It wasn’t a clear winner over Windows 10 in most cases either. That’s because Windows 11 outperformed in some tests, but Windows 10 did the same in other tests. It’s more of a tie between the two, according to Puget Systems.

“If you’re a content creator looking for a completely generic answer about which operating system to use, it should be ‘it doesn’t matter’. However, the nuance of it is much more complicated,” said Matt Bach, a senior lab technician at Puget Systems.

So, what’s the nuance of those sample tests? Well, Puget System has tested both Windows 10 and Windows 11 on systems with AMD and Intel CPUs. For video editing tests, tit also used programs such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, and DaVinci Resolve Studio. Photo editing involved using Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. CPU rendering used Cinema 4D, V-Ray and Blender. GPU rendering used Octane, V-Ray and Blender, and game development used Unreal Engine.

In those tests, there were only three major outliers. The first is Premiere Pro, where Windows 10 had a slight advantage over Windows 11. With the second, V-Ray CUDA mode, Windows 11 was 20% faster than Windows 10. The third was with Unreal Engine and Windows 11 had huge performance gain over Windows 10 with the Intel Core i9 processor, although this may be due to a bug.

like us detailed in our comparison, it seems that the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11 just comes down to look and feel. Everyone has their own taste and based on Puget Systems’ test results, Windows 11 doesn’t have as huge a performance advantage over Windows 10 as Microsoft would have you thinking.

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