Wordle for AI: Santiago Valderrama on getting smarter in machine learning

Want to know more about AI and machine learning? There are plenty of resources to help out – blogs, podcasts, YouTube tutorials – maybe too many.

Machine learning engineer Santiago Valderrama has taken a much more focused approach to help us all get smarter in the field.

He has built a following by posting one machine learning question on his website every day bnomial.com

Think of it as Wordle for those who want to learn more about machine learning.

As Valderrama wrote on a LinkedIn post, “I got together with some friends and built bnomial a site with a simple purpose, a non-BS easy way to learn something new as quickly as possible. We published one machine learning question every day. That is it. You load the page, answer the question and return the next day. Rinse and repeat.”

NVIDIA AI podcast host Noah Kravitz caught up with Valderrama to talk to him about binomial, how to get smart about machine learning, and his own journey in the field.

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